We are proud to say that SmartStand-360 is designed, engineered and fabricated in Canada. We use a strong nylon to make our stand, so be confident that it can withstand anything. 

Smart Stand

 Smart Stand 360 Specifications

  • length: 2.5 inches, width: 0.75 inches, Height: .375 inches
  • weight: less then 5 grams
  • 100% nylon, made in Canada

Product Details

  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Allows your phone to stand at any angle, even 90 degrees!
  • Clips onto belts, pockets, laptops, etc
  • Adjustable arm design allows a secure fit in any hand
Smart Stand Smart Stand

***Please Note: If you are applying SmartStand360 to a hard plastic case or directly on your phone, you may skip step 3 in the video. Simply peel off the protective tape cover that is already on the SmartStand360 and apply it to your phone.