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The Best Design ever.

 Made and designed in Canada by product engineering gurus.  We only use top quality material.  Patented Bionic Arm design allows for endless uses.

Its not just a Phone Stand...

SmartStand360 is the ultimate ring grip. With two pivoting joints SS360 provides a perfect ring secure grip for any size hand. Never drop your phone again.


How does SmartStand360 attach to your phone or phonecase?

SmartStand360 uses 2 pieces of strong adhesive 3M tape to securely attach to your phone/case.  Smartstand360 works best with hard plastic cases or directly on your phone. Some extremely fine leather and very soft rubber cases may not bond with the adhesive. For more details watch our “How to apply” video in the design section.

Where is SmartStand360 Fabricated?

We are proud to say that SmartStand360 is designed, engineered and fabricated in Canada. We use a strong nylon to make SmartStand360, so be confident that it can withstand anything. 

What is the shipping & returns policy?

NO risk 30 day money back GUARANTEE.  If you are not satisfied with your SmartStand-360, we will refund or replace your order. Shipping not included.

How do you remove SmartStand360 and does it leave a mark?

Peel off the stand from the top of the base. You may want to use a dull butter knife or nail file to lift the Stand from the phone/case. The adhesive does not leave any permanent marks.  If there is any tape residue left wipe it off with a wet cloth.

What is the delivery time?

Canada: 3-5 business days

USA: 3-5 business days

International: 10-15 business days